The limit with which the deletion algorithm should work.

This value specifies the time or number of messages after which messages are deleted

Depending on the mode, the input is either a duration or a simple number.

For Mode 1 and 2: If a message gets edited and only meets the filters after the change, the time from sending the message is still used to calculate when to delete the message. This might lead to a message being deleted immediately after getting edited.

Specifying the limit for different modes

Specified as a duration.

The duration must be more than 10 seconds and less than 7 days

How to specify durations

Use of time unitsCorrect useIncorrect use

seconds: s, sec, secs

1mins 30sec


minutes: m, min, mins



hours: h, hr, hrs

2hrs 3m


days: d, day, days

1days 6hr 3min

1d 6hsr 3n

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